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The National Water Keepers Association, the representative body for Water Keepers in th UK.

Old River Keeper

The Water Keepers have for centuries been the guardians of the waterways and every anglers friend, they have traditionally protected the fish stocks from poachers and looked after the environment surrounding fisheries.

Today we still serve the same purpose, but the times have changed a lot over the years. These days this post is more often enough manned by volunteers who give up there own time to assist clubs and fisheries. It can be a thankless job that anglers quite often do not see how much work these people put into this role, plus in this day and age it can also be quite a dangerous role to be in. This is were the National Water Keepers Association comes in, we know in great depth what this job entails and what the needs of the Water Keeper are, the most important thing is that they need the support of an organisation that understands there needs.

It is for this reason that the National Water Keepers Association was formed, to stand up for and support these true guardians of our waterways, we fight for the rights of Water Keepers and we support them in everyway possible, with legal advice and representation if necessary. If you are a Water Keeper or Club/Fishery Bailiff we understand what your needs are, we will stand by you and make you voices heard were it matters and fight your corner for you.

Become a Member

Membership of the National Water Keepers Association is 100% FREE. We will support and promote the interests of Water Keepers all over the United Kingdom.

Times have changed over the years and the job of the Water Keeper has become more involved with the crime aspect of fish theft, as well as having to look after the interests of the environment and wildlife of the waterways they patrol.

We offer support and advice from very experienced Water Keepers, who are happy offer support and services to protect Water Keepers in the UK.

Angling Crime Intelligence Database logo22

The Intelligence Database gives Water Keepers/Bailiffs the opportunity to confidentially share live intelligence with others across the whole of England. You will be able to enter information about fishery crime in a secure and non public database.

Access to the database is FREE, you can apply for access at www.acintel.co.uk, you will be asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and send it back with a copy of your Photo ID, like a driving license or a passport, we will also accept your photo id for your role as a Water Keeper or Club/Fishery Bailiff. This facility is hosted on a secure encrypted server, it is also intended to invite law enforcement organisations like the police to have guest access to read the entered intelligence for the purpose of law enforcement.

To join simply go to www.acintel.co.uk and select Apply for Access, complete the online form and then download the Non Disclosure Agreement and sign it and post it back with a copy of your photo ID, and we will then activate you on the system. Please contact us on 0333 011 5888 with any enquiries.

National Water Keepers AssociationThe National Water Keepers Association (NWKA) is run by experienced Water Keepers and people with vast experience of fishery related law, to support and represent Water Keepers all over the United Kingdom. The National Water Keepers Association is a trading name of UK Angling & Conservation Group Ltd, who also trade as Fishery Watch & AC Intel, UK Angling & Conservation Group Ltd is registered in England & Wales as a Not for Profit company, registration number 12551110.

We are running the association with no employed staff, we are all volunteers, Adrian Lane the chief executive & Paul Marsh our managing director are both volunteers. This is all about supporting the many men and women who safeguard our fisheries & waterways, we believe as anglers we should safeguard them and their interests as we are the ones that benefit from their great work.